Dec 21, 2010

An Advice

-An Advice-

It's so hard to forget someone,
Who gave you so much to remember,
What you dont know is that you,
Turn my day around the second day,
When you say hello,

Even the shortest phone conversation, 
Can put smile on my face and make my day better.

A true smile is not seen through the way your lips smile,
But it is through how your eyes express happy thoughts,
At the moment you smile.

It is hard to pretend happy when inside are broken,
It is hard to say I am "ok" when all I can do is cry,
The hardest thing is, 
Trying to mend things, 
Even if I know it will be the same.

You are always will miss you chance, 
If you never take a risk,

Because pain is only temporary 
It's regret that will last forever,
And life is too short to wake up with regrets,
And believe everything happens for a reason.

Just remember my word,
When you feel like giving up, remember why,
You held on for so long in the first place,
Everything will be ok at the end,
If it is not ok then its not the end yet,
There still a lot things to do.

Behind my smile is a hurting heart. 
Behind my laugh, I'm falling apart. 
Behind my smile, is tears at night. 
Look closely and you will see,
That isn't me,
It's totally different.

Today's moment becomes tomorrow's memory,
So enjoy every moment; good, bad, happy, or sad, 
Because the gift of life is LIFE itself.

I got an advice for you,
Never let anyone fall for you,
When you know there's someone else,
You have in your heart and mind.

Go for someone who is not only proud to have you,
But will also take every risk just to be with you.

No one has the capacity to hurt you, 
Unless you allow them to do so.

I hate the reason why you stay far,
And most of all, I hate how you always break my heart. 
And so, I'm letting you know how much I hate you! 
But wait, How can I hate you when I love you?
When I always imagine you,
Most of the time.

Asal aku tiba-tiba tulis sajak jiwang-jiwang nih..! Aku pun tak tahu. Andai lah aku dapat jawab soalan aku tuh. haha Sendiri tanya sendiri jawab.


  1. waaa . is sudah menjadi mat jiwang . hahaha . tp kn . aku suke yg nie . best2 . haha

  2. Owh.. ye ke.. thxx..
    Ntahlah, aq pon x taw tiba2 aq jdi mat jiwang nih, apa masalhnya aq nih zz